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For responsible retargeting!


98% of users do not buy in a first web visit and many companies are looking for strategies to catch them and turn them into buyers. Some people think that   With quality content you can loyalty your visits, gain the user's confidence to end up making a sale in the medium term,   but there are also those who can not wait and have to turn sales into sales as soon as possible.

Retargeting, also called remarketing, is a strategic tool that allows users to interact with the company again, either by visiting the web, participating in social networks or by opening an email.   There are more and more companies interested in this strategy   because it allows to reinforce campaigns impacting to the users, offering a high return of the investment and doing much mark.

Retargeting works with the famous cookies of web portals, small pieces of information sent to a website and stored in the user's browser. Then, starting from that information begins the "magic", or rather, the persecution.

I do not know if retargeting will be the final solution to get the customer to buy but what I have clear is that the way users surf the internet is changing.   Bad practices , which invade the little privacy that Internet users have,   It makes many choose to hide their trace, preventing companies from retargeting   and thus becoming invisible users.

May be   It is time to rethink strategies and bring beautiful concepts such as slowshopping to the digital environment . If we do not demand respectful publicity we may be late and companies will no longer have reliable data that will allow their users to know.

Article published in   ALL SANT CUGAT