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We reincorporate TOT NET into the client portfolio


At the end of 2015, part of our team gave digital marketing training for members of the employer CECOT, in Terrassa, and there we met some workers from the cleaning company TOT NET . Months later, we began offering communication and marketing services until 2020, when the company began managing communication and marketing actions internally. A few months later, the company has contacted us again to manage some of the communication and marketing actions.

Concretament, des d'edeon estem gestionant els Social Media de l'empresa de neteges líder al mercat català i espanyol. TOT NET has more than 900 employees and operates with its own method that differentiates it from any competitor.

For us it is a pleasure to work with TOT NET again . We feel the colors, we believe in their services and we know that together we will continue to grow.