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Exclusivity and global networking, this is Clubhouse, the new social network for chatting with voice messages


Social media conquered us, initially, with text (Facebook and Twitter are an example) and then they did it with images and videos (Instagram and TikTok are also a good example). There are those who talk about a pending revolution that seems to be slowly coming with audio books and podcasts, it's time for audio, and in this race is where a new and amazing social network called Clubhouse.

The platform, in less than a year has already managed to capture more than a million users and has done so only using word of mouth , because in Clubhouse the conversation is dominated by voice messages (ephemeral) of its users .

This is how Clubhouse works

The app emerged from a previous project by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, who teamed up to create Talkshow , an app for creating podcasts in a simple way. That idea didn’t quite come to fruition, but it was the seed for the creation of Clubhouse , which took advantage of and simplified this Talkshow feature that allowed a guest to participate in a podcast. Clubhouse began its journey in May 2020 as a way for creators around the world to participate in a different way than other social media proposed.

The platform is in a preliminary phase in which in fact the only application available is iOS. In addition, the social network is not open to all audiences, and at the moment it is only possible to access if another user invites you, which is giving it exclusivity among digital audiences.

Content creation is very simple in Clubhouse, users join the channels ("rooms") and talk as if you were in a telephone conversation, in an innovative format that avoids having to write and takes you a little further. this trend of voice messages, which are now very popular on WhatsApp .

Anyone can create a new room or join one of the existing ones: each one has as its title the initial topic being discussed in that room. Each room has a moderator - the person who creates it - and an audience.

If users want to talk they just have to raise their hand and that’s when the moderator gives them a go, as that user is the one controlling the debate in the room. From here the pace is what emerges from the comments and attitude of the moderator, the role is what for example would have a moderator of a discussion forum.

From edeon we see that Clubhouse is a platform similar to Twitter, but has fascinating elements, as it can be in the background while doing other tasks, such as right now, that while we are writing this post we hear a conversation about digital marketing .

We will keep an eye on the evolution of the social network and look at how to take advantage of it, for our clients and to invigorate the contents of the agency. Possibly this new network will be able to help us share knowledge and experiences about marketing. Do you dare to open a weekly room to discuss aspects of marketing and communication in Catalan?

Source: Xataka