We will start by listening, we will continue to analyze. We will anticipate and plan communication actions that impact. We will talk with users and finally we will sell and build loyalty. How? With the services I propose below:

Entrepreneurial impulse

We will draw up communication and marketing plans that allow any project to take off, in any sector or situation. We will maximize the return on investment by thinking of strategic actions that allow starting and stabilizing a new business project.

Public relations

We will manage and build relationships with the Administration and the target audiences involved in each institution's own interests. We will make maps and plans of institutional relations where we can establish associative or political alliances. We can organize events, prizes or manage sponsorships, among others.

Reputation crisis management

We will breathe, take air and together we will manage any kind of internal or external crisis. We will identify and analyze the risks. We will create internal and external content that will help us deploy transversal actions to eradicate any reputational risk. We will generate crisis manuals and action protocols in different spaces and formats. We can remove negative comments.

Communication and Digital Marketing

We will work on Action Plans that allow us to achieve realistic and quantifiable goals. We will work on the details of content marketing to generate quality visits that can translate into sales or prescriptions. Thanks to SEO, SEM, Social Ads, email marketing and various activities in social networks, we will manage to improve the notoriety of your company.

Communication and Internal Marketing

We will design internal communication management strategies, developing the digital transformation, shaping the company's mission and values or creating spaces to improve the experience and interaction with the company's employees.

Communication and External Marketing

We will generate content in any format; audio, video or editorial designed to cover media spaces. We will stimulate the constant relationship with journalists, opinion leaders and influencers. We can organize interviews, press trips, press conferences and other actions that Social Media allows us.

Communication and Marketing Consultancy

We will build your brand together and help you improve your reputation through strategies that allow us to achieve your company's communication goals. We will work with a transversal vision, taking care of the corporate identity, doing brand audits and strategic plans. Together we will define the mission and the values that will differentiate us. We will prepare the corporate stories and content creation. If necessary, we will also train spokespeople.
Managing communication and marketing actions since 2002

Lluís Feliu and Roe

PhD. Marketing
Director of Communication and Marketing

Tel. 636 766 922931 929 647

[email protected]

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