Training is often one of the most valued investments by a company's employees . It allows them to learn new tools, update themselves, feel valued, change their work routine ... At the agency we have a multidisciplinary team with many hours of flight accumulated providing training, either in university centers, in schools professionals or companies.

Strategic marketing

A perfect program to make an introduction to marketing and understand that without strategy the company is not in the right direction.


Workshops specially designed for members of a company to know how to update web portals configured in Prestashop, Wordpress, Joomla, WebenApp or other digital platforms.


Depending on the market, product and needs, our team of consultants will offer you the best solutions to boost sales online.

Social Media

Workshops that are adaptable to the needs of the clients where tools, functions and possibilities of the main social networks are taught such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Online Marketing

Courses focusing on digital marketing strategies where you learn to create a Social Media Plan, work with editorial calendars and measure the return on investment, among others.

Reputation and personal branding

Workshops to increase the presence in social networks like LinkedIn with diverse objectives such as; Obtain new clients, find work or reward the services of a brand.

Training spokespersons

Workshops to enhance the communication skills of the people who will have to represent a company in crisis situations or at times of media pressure.

Return on investment

Specific workshops to learn what needs to be monitored and measured in order to calculate the return on investment.

"Customers who have trusted in our communication and marketing strategies"



Because we have the perfect solution to offer the best service. We have a well-trained, experienced and service-oriented team. We work with a methodology that allows us to control the evolution of the projects and achieve objectives.


Investing in training is the best investment that can be offered to employees of an institution or company. Thanks to the training they will update their knowledge, they will learn new tools to be more productive and change their day to day life.


We know that each company and each project are different so we make it available to those interested to agree on the way to go. For starters we need an initial meeting, a work session and a lot of passion for what is being done. Let's get started?

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