Are you a company with ambitious aspirations?

Efficient Dynamic Social Media is a service that consists of designing and executing marketing and communication strategies specially designed for small and medium-sized companies that do not know how to calculate the return on their investments.


Our own method has been created to make an impact with your target audience , we suggest you create a content strategy that takes into account your real goals, the characteristics of your products and services.

Working since 2010 in the marketing and communication sector, at we propose you to create a marketing strategy closely linked to quality content. If we manage to attract the attention of consumers and position companies well, the results will not be long in coming.


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With Social Media Dinàmic Eficient method transform your company and makes reference. A study of four years analyzing the small and medium enterprises and a method supported by a dissertation guarantee the achievement and success of your goals.
offers a strategic plan of action that will revolutionize the results of your company:

Pack Social Media Dinàmic Eficient


Monthly advertising campaigns to social networks
(Value of 100€)


10 hours of actions oriented to the detection of business opportunities


Newsletter Monthly, designed drafted and envoy for our team of professionals


3 Optimum simple articles for blog with free images of right


Monthly writing of an informative piece + Distribution and publication to press guaranteeed


25 Monthly publications to social networks


Rapport Monthly where detail the actions realised and his results


Monthly meeting of follow-ups and planning of future actions

SME 1460 € / month
(40 hours + free advice)

Contact us without obligation so that we can make the first TRACK OF BRAND for free and remember that adapts to the unique needs of each business project.