Digital Kit Program Grants - Next Generation EU Funds

Get a bonus of up to € 12,000.00 to digitize your business

What is?

The Digital Kit is an initiative of the Government of Spain, which aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions available on the market to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity.

Who is it for?

The digital solutions provided by the Digital Kit are geared towards the needs of small businesses, micro-enterprises and the self-employed, who belong to any sector or type of business.

How to apply?

If you meet the conditions set out in the terms and conditions of the Digital Kit call for applications, you will have a digital voucher that will allow you to access digitization solutions. Download the Quick Guide to learn more.

Digitizing Agent

A edeon actem a   Digitizing Agent   offering Social Network Management as a solution.

Communication and content marketing on social networks is an essential tool for any company or project, which is why the team of professionals of the agency design, support and execute Social Media Plans that allow you to get the best results in from € 350 per month .

Price range: from € 350 / month

The aid will be financial provisions that will be used to finance the digitization solutions available in the Program Digitization Solutions Catalog that can be consulted on the Acelera Pyme page, in the section dedicated to the Digital Kit.

The aid will be granted by means of the corresponding resolution of the solution that the companies send to the contracting body.

The effectiveness of the aid depends on different amounts (between 10 and 50 workers; € 12,000, between 3 and 10 workers; € 6,000 , between 0 and 3 workers; € 2,000 ).

Are you interested in the digital bonus?

1. You need to register on the   Accelerate SMEs   and perform a test
2. Consult the digital solutions catalog and look for edeon as a Digitizing Agent
3. Select the Social Networking service and ask for the help of the Digital Kit from the   its electronic   Spanish. Just fill out a form and sign the electronic certificate.

For any queries related to the   Digital Kit   you can   contact   with us. Remember that our entire team also provides training and that if you want to hire the Digital Kit for a period of a few months, we recommend that you carry out personalized training in order to be able to take over from the Social Media strategy with the maximum possible guarantees. .

Want to know more about the Digital Kit program? Write to us.

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