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"Apple poisoned" reviews the story of Apple Corps


Quarantine Ediciones publishes the first book of the e-deon.net journalist   Tomás Crespo , a detailed description of the Beatles' business venture

In all reeditions of the Beatles records you can see, large and magnificent, the image of an apple, the symbol of Apple Corps. But what was actually Apple?

"It is a business that has to do with the disks, movies and electronics, and in a secondary way with the manufacture (...) We want to organize a system through which people who like to make a movie about it Let's not have to kneel in someone's office, "exploded John Lennon during the company's press conference. "A kind of Western communism," added Paul McCartney. Really

In May 1968, the Beatles launched the Apple Corps company conglomerate: they opened a store in London, filmed movies, signed new talents for the seal, and released themselves for Apple Records discs as remembered as the "White Album" , "Abbey Road" or "Let it be". They also fought, they ended up dissolving the group ... but even so, they continued a few more years with Apple's activities, and started their four solo races under the umbrella of the company they had created themselves.

"The Poisoned Apple", which these days publishes Quarentena Ediciones, is the chronicle of those years in which the first personal tensions between the Beatles, then transformed into an open warfare, were mixed with the difficult adventure of keeping a company hippie inspiration, a "western communism" ... in which not everything was as beautiful as it seemed. More information at   www.lamanzanaenvenenada.es

Tomás Crespo About the author , Tomás Crespo (Annecy, France, 1978) He has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and Journalism, a lover of letters, cinema and music, has collaborated in publications such as the WorldTourTV.com music portal or the Go Mag magazine. He was also, during the early 2000s, manager of the Barcelona group with influences Brit-pop Space Saucers, later known as The Premier League. Currently, he is a freelance journalist and responsible for the musical blog "Dancing about architecture" ( http://tomascrespo.blogspot.com ).

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