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Commerce from all over Catalonia joins an initiative that promotes home trade


During the confinement the local commerce has noticed a significant drop in its sales. Some businesses cannot afford the fixed costs and will have to close. To combat the coronavirus-led health crisis, at edeon.net we have pushed for the launch of the Home Business Directory, an initiative articulated by our client, Sant Cugat Comerç , under the umbrella of the awareness campaign, which promotes the responsible trade, SlowShopping.cat .

Twelve merchant associations across the country promote an online directory that facilitates delivery of products to customers' homes.

Under the SlowShopping.cat campaign umbrella , twelve merchant associations are launching an initiative that will help local trade in the towns and cities of Catalonia to react positively during times of confinement and general paralysis of the country's economy.

The shops affiliated with the main associations of Cerdanyola del Vallès, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Sentmenat, Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Rubí, Ripollet, Premià de Mar, Manlleu and the associations of the Barcelona neighborhoods of Sants, el Cor Eixample and the Cor de Horta, which represent more than 1,700 associated shops, are already part of the "home shopping directory", an initiative that aims to bring local purchases to the homes of customers who are currently confined to the their homes.

To make this possible, the portal makes available to all interested customers, the contact details of local shops that remain open to the public or that offer the possibility of home delivery. Sant Cugat Comerç and the PEUC association are the promoters of the initiative and assert that "it is a solidarity action with the local shops of the cities and towns of Catalonia".

Proximity trade is one of the major affected by the coronavirus crisis. Many businesses have closed or reduced their activity to a minimum, and according to Jesus Carballo, one of the promoters of the campaign, "We need to think of imaginative solutions to tackle the crisis, and this is good for everyone as customers can keep shopping at trusted businesses without leaving home. "

From the SlowShopping.cat portal users can select their neighborhood or locality, use a dropdown with different categories of trade and find the contact details to continue to make responsible purchases, this time from home.

The campaign has started with a dozen Catalan merchant associations, but any merchant association can join by contacting directly from the Sant Cugat Comerç portal or SlowShopping.cat.