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Communicate a merger in the health sector


Recently, one of our clients, the Francesc Macià Dental Centre , from Sant Cugat del Vallès, has bought a clinic with a long history in the town of Pallejà. From our agency we advised our client on how to communicate the acquisition, taking into account the integration of the clinic's workers, the merger of the web portals, the management of the different virtual communities on social networks, the databases of clients, the vinyls of the clinics, the signs or the naming of the two dental centers.

We are passionate about being part of our clients' day-to-day lives and often, when such important events as a merger, integration or capital increase coincide, the company's various professionals lend a helping hand to advise in the best possible way to our customers.

We continue to work on this merger, it will be work of weeks, months and years, but now we can only congratulate the ownership of the Francesc Macià Dental Center for this strategic growth, to all the professionals of the dental centers and to the patients who will enjoy a better service .