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Confinement for coronavirus triggers internet consumption


Video game consumption, streaming video platforms, and social media use spike during confinement. On-demand video platforms are taking advantage of the situation we are currently experiencing to launch new offerings and new content, while the video game industry is also seeing exponentially increased online gaming.

One of the side effects of the confinement in the wake of the State of Alarm, decreed by the Spanish Government, is evident on social networks and entertainment portals. Confinement is needed to curb the health crisis caused by the coronavirus in Catalonia and Spain, and this new historical situation is encouraging the excessive consumption of audio-visual content, since in the digital age spending more time at home implies spend more hours in front of a screen.

Thus, social media, video games and on-demand video platforms have been among the big beneficiaries for the moment, positioned as the kings of entertainment. "The confinement situation is translating into a noticeable increase in the hours we are connected to screens, and the streaming platforms have been the greatest beneficiaries," says Elena Neira, a Contributing Professor in the Studies in Science. of the information and communication of the UOC .

Without going any further, the Netflix platform, one of the most popular and recurring video-on-demand issues, had problems last Saturday, until it saw its website fall, all coinciding with the premiere. of the new season of Elit, because of the high demand that it registered. "It is a way to avoid thinking all the time about the uncertainty of the crisis we are in and the consequences it may take for some: hypochondria, excessive anxiety or latent conflicts in the family environment," explains José Ramon Ubieto. , psychologist and lecturer in the Psychology and Educational Sciences Department of the UOC .

In fact, from Kantar Media they point out that television consumption has also increased these days, driven by information cravings, which has led to an average consumption increase of 42% last weekend. On average, the consultancy firm recorded more than 5 and a half hours of TV use per person, figures never reached in 2019. "The coronavirus monopolizes much of the content on chains, which has set record highs. , but streaming has largely become the epicenter of home entertainment, ”explains Neira.

Social networks, with WhatsApp as the protagonist, and APP's that like Houseparty's , seize the moment, become necessary to deal with this situation. "At edeon.net we notice the economic crisis and we see with uncertainty how it will all evolve, but it is true that these days we are increasing the generation of content and the interaction on the social networks of our clients," says Lluís Feliu, doctor of marketing. and director of the agency.

Other online entertainment and services platforms have seen in this scenario the perfect showcase to boost their business strategy. This is the case of Movistar Lite , which has extended the month of free subscription normally offered by quarantine, allowing access to its contents open for one month for free by promoting the #Joemquedoacasa initiative. "It is aligned with the strategy pursued by a number of digital leisure sectors. Opening its content worldwide works in two ways: as a loyalty tool for existing customers and as a way to discover for those who are not. they are, "says Neira.