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Consumption from home grows by 22%


The coronavirus pandemic has democratized e-commerce and home delivery . During these months, 2.6 million Catalans and Spaniards, for the first time, have bought online and received products and services at home.

After weeks of forced confinement and the arrival of the first days of progressive de-escalation, the multinational Kantar , has analyzed the behavior of consumers who have already begun to return to routines, which are already adapting to the new normal. Nearly seven out of ten people confirmed during the weeks of confinement that they would “consume products outside the home again” so a rapid recovery from pre-confinement habits was already predicted.

According to Kantar's data, with the arrival of the different phases, the opportunities for consumption outside the home have begun to grow progressively, and today we can already see how the consumption we have made outside the home has already reached an average size of 44% compared to the accumulated data for the five weeks prior to the health crisis.

It should be noted that this recovery is evolving more slowly in metropolitan areas, as in the case of the Spanish capital, Madrid, and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, ​​where phase 0 was extended one more week.

This return to routine, to leave home, is showing that during the de-escalation we continue to create more demand spaces at home than before the crisis, maintaining a growth of 16% consumption from home , a figure that confirms the relevance of new habits that have emerged in this crisis.

Moreover, although Kantar noted a moderation in the increase in household purchasing from Catalan and Spanish in the early weeks of the escalation has achieved a 22% increase in total expenditure on great products consumption in terms of pre-crisis levels.

New buying channels have come to stay

Although purchasing and consumption are adapting as we progress through the phases, Kantar observes how some changes acquired during confinement will be maintained and endured over time. This is the case of 2.0 purchasing channels, where e-commerce and catering delivery have greatly accelerated their growth and managed to maintain levels during the de-escalation.

In the words of the Doctor of Marketing Lluís Feliu, director of communication and marketing of the agency , "during the confinement 2.6 million buyers from Catalonia and Spain have placed their first orders from digital portals. If the experience it has been good, I am almost certain that it has been, we will have achieved a major change of habits, we will have managed to get more consumers to browse, buy and interact with brands from the internet. "

Source: MarketingNews