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Facebook buys WhatsApp


Facebook buys WhatsApp   for 19,000 million dollars. The social network will pay 4,000 million in cash and 12,000 in shares and another 3,000 million in shares for WhatsApp employees in the next four years.

The California company, Facebook , announced that it has acquired the instant messaging application   WhatsApp for $ 19,000 million (around 13,870 million euros as of February 20, 2014), according to information sent to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

WhatsApp has about 450 million monthly users in active-duty, 70 percent of them are active daily. The popularity of the service is due to the fact that more and more mobile users have opted for this messaging option versus traditional and expensive SMS.

The operation, which has not yet been carried out, will involve the disbursement of $ 4,000 million in cash, $ 12,000 million in shares in Facebook and another $ 3,000 in RSU (Restricted Stock Unit), a similar future issue to that of stock options

Source:   La Vanguardia