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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will launch an ecommerce platform to support small business


The new Facebook ecommerce will be called Shops and will unify other initiatives of the group (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp). Facebook has announced that it is preparing the launch of Shops, a service that will allow companies to display and sell products on the company's social networks. His CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has advanced it in a statement that is very much in line with the struggle that we will soon see among the great technological monsters; Amazon , Google Shopping and now Facebok Shops .

We already experienced the Facebook movement to enter the ecommerce sector when it enabled, more than a year ago, Instagram and WhatsApp the option to view products and tag them for later purchase. Facebook Shops will expand these efforts and allow the establishment of a single online store accessible through Facebook and Instagram with a simple payment function that can be done from the application itself.

As they have done with other Facebook e-commerce features, the stores will be free for businesses, with the expectation that the tool will drive consumer use (shares and comments) and advertising (Facebook Ads) . "Our business model here is ads," Zuckerberg said, before giving more details of the new Facebook Shops, "instead of charging companies to use our platform, we will generate profits through advertising."

Facebook is also launching a tool to connect loyalty programs and a purchase feature that displays product labels below live videos. It is also just fitting in the new sales options from WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. All these innovations have yet to be implemented, and as Lluís Feliu, marketing director of edeon.net , has said , the most important thing will be to see what reception all these innovations have among consumers, if Facebook does it well, it will be it’s exciting to see which of the three big platforms, Amazon, Google Shopping or Facebook Shops, ends up leading online commerce in just a few years. ”

Source: Five Days