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Google Shopping reacts and will open your showroom at no cost


Google has made an important decision that is sure to open a world of possibilities to marketers and businesses in all sectors. Google Shopping will allow any business to advertise their products at no cost, however, so far the decision will only be available in the US.

For the first time in eight years, Google Shopping allows anyone who sells online in the United States, regardless of size or financial possibilities, to sell their inventory for free within the platform.

Any business can advertise their products on Google Shopping:

As the company explained, any company that has an ecommerce or manages a store in a marketplace will be able to place their products on Google Shopping at no cost. However, those businesses that want to have a better location such as promoted listings will have to pay.

“What we’re seeing is that there are a lot of retailers and small businesses that are ready to showcase their products to consumers, but they still don’t have a good way to connect digitally with them,” commented Bill Ready , president of Google commerce on The Verge portal, which also added, "We believe that this change will help many more consumers find what they are looking for but will also provide needed relief for the retail and small business ecosystem."

While Ready said Google has been working on these changes for some time, the coronavirus pandemic has pressured the internet giant to speed up its plans. Good news for local trade.

It is clear to us that Google wants to compete against Amazon

In a landscape where online sales have skyrocketed around the world due to confinement, where Amazon and other online retailers are gaining ground in product search, online shopping and advertising ... Google doesn't want to stay back.

This measure of launching Google Shopping for free for any business or online store is Google’s latest effort to revitalize its shopping service that has historically been overshadowed by Amazon , the marketplace where most digital consumers start looking for products and in which merchants want to stand out.

By adopting a free system, Google expects more merchants to include their products in Google Shopping , which will attract more consumers, and ultimately increase advertising revenue as merchants compete for better positions on the list. This initiative is a bet in which Google could have short-term advertising revenue losses, but it could lead to the influx of new customers in the future.

From edeon.net we keep up with all the news about this great news from Google, and we have already detected the new strategic alliances that Google has made with PayPal and Shopify . The new free option in Google Shopping will be launched on April 27 in the United States, and this same novelty will be launched in the rest of the world in the coming months.

Existing customers will be able to integrate their inventories and only pay if they want to promote some products on the platform. In addition, Google has partnered with PayPal to attract more merchants to the platform and thus link their accounts to accept online payments. Google is also working with inventory management companies such as Shopify and WooCommerce to ensure that companies operating on their own websites can quickly switch to selling on Google Shopping .

Let’s get the popcorn ready and stay tuned, the war between Amazon and Google is about to start! But let's not just stay as spectators, let's take part!

Source: Marketing4ecommerce