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How to write a striking copy?


Copy has become the protagonist of any publishing calendar. It is an indispensable element in any communication strategy, whether for the digital environment, offline or for an advertising campaign.

A good copy allows brands to connect with their target audience. At edeon , we work with our own method where three elements are indispensable: the copy , the editorial calendar and the report , which will allow us to understand the return. Today, however, we want to focus on how to make a good creative copy:

He knows the brand and the project well : who do we want the brand to identify with? What are their values?

Valuing the positioning and differentiation of the project: what is the difference, how can we differentiate ourselves?

You need to know the audience that will receive this information. If we know the public we will also know their tastes and know how to get their attention and from which channel we can reach them.

You have to be very clear about the purpose of the message : what do we want to communicate, what do we want to report?

Maintain the corporate tone of the company. The copy should be consistent with the overall tone of the company. A clinic will not be able to make the same copies as a restaurant, for example.

Focus on getting attention . You can do the exercise of trying to write as if we were writing a title that should encompass everything and say it all in as few words as possible.

Be brief and concise s. We try to go to the grain. We should try to get a message of less than 60 characters containing keywords and direct.

Advocates for emotions . If you know the audience you’re targeting well you’ll be able to know what “hooks” them, how to persuade them, and who they identify with.

It generates curiosity and expectation about the brand and the project.

Invite the user to participate and connect with your brand.

These tips are sure to help you write quality, eye-catching and functional content. At edeon we always say that we don’t have the magic wand and that marketing is not a mathematical formula. That’s why we encourage you to try, test A and B, test and learn from them, this is how we optimize the communication and marketing campaigns our team leads.