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Lluís Feliu participates in the opening day of Impuls FP


Last September 26, Lluís Feliu participated in the opening day of Impuls FP where he was able to give a speech in front of more than three hundred vocational teachers. Specifically, in the framework presentation of the day, Lluís summarized how important alliances are between the world of business and education. He recommended to teachers and directors of training centers that it is necessary to take advantage of the resources that each center or institution has, whether public or private, without ceasing to dream but keep your feet on the ground, supporting each other with teachers, with the students and with companies, "we all want to row in the same direction, we all want to have prepared professionals who will boost our country's economy".

Lluís explained that as the agency's communications and marketing director, he has participated in many business projects and has seen first-hand the professional leap of vocational and university students. It was at this point that he recommended that educational centers always have contact with the company to understand the importance of training future professionals, who can apply concepts and be decisive in any environment.

Lluís also emphasized that thanks to the day organized by Impuls FP and the Department of Education of the Generalitat, it was clear to all those present
that innovation is the transversal axis of educational transformation .

You can watch and listen to the presentation on Youtube !