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Offers Community Manager


We want to be yours   Communication and Marketing agency   And that is why for this month of September we offer special prices to small and medium-sized businesses.

We have the   Community Manager   what do you need. Stop searching and trust our professionals. From our offices   Girona and Sant Cugat del Vallès   We will take care of you and work together with the professionals of your company.

Our goal is simple; that you reach your goals. Our advertising is clear; keep adding satisfied customers.

Promotion and rates:

We offer these guidance packs. (Remember that it is very important that we can understand well what your goals are to prepare a personalized collaboration proposal)


how Basic Pack:

For companies with little movement but who want to have a minimal presence on the network.

- Weekly publication on Twitter
- Weekly publication on Linkedin or Facebook
- Publication of a "refregit" article from third parties to the corporate website
- Visiting and delivery of monthly Report

Price: € 85 / month

Initial Pack:

Especially designed for newly created companies that make an effort to communicate their new business project.

- Creation of profiles in the necessary social networks
- Landing and growth in selected social networks
- Daily review of the evolution in the digital environment
- Analysis of the competition and enhancement of the organic positioning
- Two weekly publications, at least  
- Drafting of 2 monthly articles (one's own and a "refregit" of third parties)
- Deliver monthly report with global evolution

Price: € 285 / monthly


comm Standard Pack:

Designed by well-established companies that want to enhance their online presence.

- Review of social networks
- Audit and benchmark 2.0  
- Monitoring of brand content
- Writing of 2 monthly articles (customer interviews or raw material provided by the customer)  
- Daily publication on selected social networks
- Attention and daily follow-up of all channels  
- Use and handling of informative materials of the client
- Possibility of creating basic videos for social networks  
- Work on small design pieces to nurture social networks  
- Deliver monthly report with global evolution

Price: € 490 / monthly

Pro Pack:

For consolidated companies that want to make a specific launch or who simply want and can invest more resources in the communication of their company. For companies that want to have members of our team working for a few hours a week at their offices, which require filming and editing professional videos, periodic photo albums ...

- We start from the same Standard pack but we customize it according to the needs and objectives of the client.  
- The price will depend on the tasks and the number of hours that the professionals of our agency will have to invest.

Price: € 750 / monthly * Prices without VAT
* In refregited items we will always have to quote the sources
* We recommend using the rates as an orientation in order to be able to customize them according to the objectives of the company

Leave our digital business communication in our hands.