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Pokémon Go: more than an app, a business for all


Beyond the anecdote of finding people in unfamiliar places like the facade of the Arts hotel in Barcelona in search of and capturing a virtual monstrous creature, do not forget this important point, which is true is that the application of Nintendo , Pokémon Go, has increasingly benefits for companies in the real world; For those who know how to exploit the use and fame of this invention of Niantic, the technology company chaired by John Hanke has made Pokémon Go the most downloaded application in recent years, overcoming WhatsApp and Snapchat.

This business, more than viable for Nintendo, an ideologist of the application, for Niantic, who has developed it and for the App Store and Google Play, as a vendor; seems willing to share their benefits with those companies that are interested in participating in Pokémon fever and use their tools to attract more customers.


Among the opportunities offered by this technological invention, there is the possibility of converting establishments into poképarades or, what is the same, locations in which players can go to take control of products that allow them to hunt pokemon, such as Incense that attracts creatures to the place and facilitates their hunting. Another possibility is to make the venue a Pokémon gym, that is, the headquarters of fighting between pokemon and users where dozens and even hundreds of players play to face each other and manage to lead the area.

Both actions give your business greater visibility, making the visits increase and that sales also grow. A clear example of this is an Italian food restaurant in Long Island, New York, L'Inizio Pizza Bar, whose manager assures that the weekend after paying $ 10 to activate the "dive module" of the application, which was an increase of the visits of the players of Pokémon Go to the premises, obtained a 75% more sales.

So, if you want to make your own place in poképarada, you need to know that the investment works just as they currently do on Google, with the cost-per-click; the only difference is that, in the case of pokémons, the cost is for each visit that is carried out on the site. We do not know if Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokémon, intuited there for the 90's, when he turned his childhood passion for insects into a video game, the success that, after more than 20 years, hunting and collecting virtual creatures is having all over the world. What is clear is that the idea that shaped his mind as a dream has completely transcended the limits of the imagination and its effects are more than palpable today, in the adrenaline of being the one that More levels surpass, as a player, and in your pocket, in the case of businessmen.