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Saving, digital and healthy; so will consumers after the crisis


There are many who are talking about coping with the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic , but few are beginning to imagine what world we will find ourselves in later, when "everything has returned to normal."

Overall, research is already telling us that the post-COVID-19 consumer will prioritize savings, be more digitized, and prioritize purchasing fresh, healthy products. You don't have to be a guru to see we're going here for some time. Healthy shopping has been growing for years from awareness, from personal health to respect for the environment. Saving and digitizing, however, will be features that will accentuate due to the times we are living.

A study of the Ipsos company, which was carried out from April 3 to 5, to a representative sample of 2,250 individuals resident in Catalonia and Spain, between the ages of 16 and 65 years, have just shown that yes , the post-coronavirus consumer will have the three characteristics discussed: economical, digital and healthy.

In addition to consumer questions in nine sectors: banking and insurance, telecommunications, utilities , mobility, travel / tourism, e-commerce, consumer goods, pharmacy and the public sector, respondents also answered a total of 80 questions. central government management in relation to this health crisis.

The findings of the study indicate that the consumer will require more hygiene and prevention measures in all physical spaces and will increase the sales of home hygiene cleaning products. In addition, the consumer will opt for contactless payment , remote management , less use of public transport in favor of private vehicles , and an increase in telecommuting .

Telecommuting or remote management will also be part of the new digital profile that consumers will have, focusing on making use of online comparators to get the best price on essential services, as well as an increase in online shopping for food and leisure items.

In terms of nutrition, healthy living will be a priority for all consumers, who will increase their consumption of fresh and healthy foods and show a greater interest in products that allow them to strengthen their immune system. In the short term, those in charge of the study indicate that saving, taking care of themselves and continuing with measures of hygiene and social distance will be the four main characteristics of the new consumer.

From edeon we keep up with the evolution of the market to be able to advise in the best possible way to all our clients. We see this period of confinement as a time of learning for many audiences; some have begun to make the first purchases online, others manage remote equipment, enhance telecommuting, improve network positioning, stimulate customer service through social networks ... and that is why we are clear when we return to Normalization will continue to enhance three key agency services: the Efficient Dynamic Social Media (SMDE) method , the online marketing strategy and the digital consulting service .

Source: Marketing News