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SEO is the most profitable digital marketing strategy in the long run


SEO, acronym that in English corresponds to "search engine optimization", is a set of actions aimed at improving the positioning of a website in different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask ... The SEO is a digital marketing strategy that involves increasing the visibility of a page by delivering quality content , optimizing the user experience, loading speed and a long list of small actions that are good. seen by search engine robots, and ultimately help position digital spaces.

But why is SEO optimization important for any business?

SEO optimization becomes a key tool to drive any business on the web, as it manages to facilitate the work of these metasearch engines and, at the same time, transforms the web portal into a more useful space for the user. Of course, the higher you appear in the SERPs, the easier it will be for Internet users to find the company and therefore increase traffic and reputation, and thus the possibility of attracting more customers.

A well-defined SEO strategy that pursues clear goals can become the most profitable digital marketing action in the long run . It will end up delivering even better results than cost-per-click SEM campaigns, such as those that can run through Google Ads . Organic, or natural, positioning is free, and well-crafted can help turn a company into the industry benchmark.

Advantages of SEO content optimization

If we talk about profitability, SEO content optimization generates better results than other forms of search engine promotion, mainly because "it does not involve any cost." And we say it in quotes because what it means is devoting time and ingenuity to it. In this sense, the Doctor in Content Marketing, Lluís Feliu , comments: "Most edede customers are already committed to SEO optimization strategies, which we mainly work with quality content for blogs and social networks, but there are still there are companies that only think about the short term and don't want to think about actions other than Google Ads or Facebook Ads SEM campaigns. "

The point is that getting a company's website to reach privileged positions is a job that requires effort and know-how, you need to design a good strategy and it takes time to let it evolve and analyze how to continue optimizing it. Search engine marketing (SEM) is a very useful solution to increase visibility in search engines more immediately, from edeon we are certified in Google Ads and perform many SEM campaigns for customers, but we always understand them as apart from a strategy that must generate quantifiable results. The SEM is a tool in which a disbursement must be made that, perhaps, fails to make a profit and ends up being a loss and conditioning the digital marketing plan.

Benefits of SEO positioning

The reality is that SEO positioning brings many benefits. One of them is that, being a long-term strategy, once it allows to position a web space in the first positions of the search engines, it will be very difficult for the competition to succeed in overtaking it. In order to stay well positioned, it will be necessary to continue the generation of quality content, and many small actions will have to be done well, such as reviewing the behavior of visits, the speed of the web portal, the operation of forms, security ... and only in this way will it be possible to maintain a privileged position forever.

So, if well-planned SEO actions are performed, companies will be able to increase targeted traffic. Currently, Google’s top three results typically get around 75% of user clicks. In addition, it has been found that Internet users rely more on natural search than on ad format (Google Ads, for example).

At the communication and marketing agency edeon , we are committed to content marketing because we know that SEO optimization brings much more than traffic to web portals. A good SEO allows the conversion rate to increase, the portal is reputed, allows loyalty and therefore make it a benchmark in the industry. In conclusion, SEO is a long-term strategy in which efforts must be made if one thinks about the future of the company. With a good SEO companies get the website to be promoted at all times without rest, always present quality content and therefore, online reputation and visibility, will be increased.