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Since 2010, training professionals from all sectors


One of the activities that you most like to do to our team of professionals is to alternate your daily work with occasional trainings. We are specialized in training in the field of communication and marketing as well as training workshops for spokespersons, Wordpress, PhotoShop ...

Since 2010 we have formed companies, professional colleges and all kinds of associations. We believe in quality training, practical and transversal.

Some business employers where we have taught training:


Some professional colleges and institutions where we have taught training:

School of Property Administrators | Barcelona - LleidaSchool of Social Graduates of BarcelonalogoResult of images of generality

Some companies and associations where we have given training:

Jungle AdventureBack HomeBotiguers Union of Sant Vicenç dels Horts

Some universities where we have taught:

Results of logo images uao ceuBlanquernaUPF

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