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SMEs in social networks


46% of SMEs still have no profile on social networks. According to a study of SAGE on ICT, small and medium-sized companies often go beyond the major brands in technology adoption, which is quite obvious if we take into account that most SMEs do not have as many resources, time or professionals as the big companies.

Even so, small and medium-sized businesses are considerably improving their online visibility in Spain. 46% of small businesses still do not have social networks, something that does not correspond to customer consumption habits, which are constantly resorting to social networks to find out about products and services.

Three years ago only 1 out of 4 SMEs had an active profile at   social networks Today, they are 1 out of every 2, and specifically 46% of SMEs bid for   Facebook , 14% per   Twitter , 8% for Linkedin, and others like   Instragram   o   Pinterest   5%.

Companies must use social networks as a means of communication with their clients. Not only to offer their services, but to keep them informed and to weave a direct channel of customer service. It seems that little by little SMEs are putting batteries and opt for digital communication.   Social networks are already part of the day to day of many companies   But the online store still has a long way to go.

Only 1 in 10 companies have   online store This last year, in Spain, there has been an increase of 29.2% and the trend seems to go along this path. More and more companies are committed to e-commerce   but there is still a long way to go. Only 8% of companies with less than 10 workers have an online store, and 15% are companies with more than 15 employees. However, it is necessary to be very clear what business can boost your sales through   virtual store That's why it's important to do a good job   marketing plan   where to set the paths to get to   concrete goals

As the world progresses and companies adapt to them   trends   and to the evolution of its users, it is necessary to recognize that the SMEs of the state have more and more of a good digital presence through the web. If by 2014 only 60% of companies had a corporate website, this 2015 will close with more than 70%.