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The journalist Lluís Feliu publishes Tarannà emprendero, a marketing book for all audiences


The PhD in Marketing embodies an introduction to marketing for all audiences, between reflections, real cases and theories that aim to arouse the interest of readers to undertake new business adventures.

Another marketing book , but different. This is how Lluís Feliu's book begins, published by the Publicalis label of the Profit publishing group and which was created with the aim of stimulating entrepreneurship in the country. Tarannà emprendor is available in all bookstores in the Catalan Countries and is presented as a book suitable for all audiences where the author explains basic marketing theories, all of which are necessary to start undertaking business or personal projects.

To do this, apart from explaining the theories, he puts them into practice in different projects where the author himself has been involved. The book wants to invite readers to acquire a Marquetinian perspective that will help them detect opportunities, undertake business adventures or improve everyday aspects of the lives of any of its readers.

In addition, the book Tarannà emprendero shows that any aspect of life can be analyzed and managed from the point of view of marketing. Planning, carrying out actions, setting objectives, focusing on achieving good results and analyzing them properly. The book is suitable for all audiences because according to the author "we all have the ability to create stimulating projects, but many just lack a push". And precisely this book aims to be the impetus for younger readers and adults, to be able to undertake their personal or business projects with vigor.

The book is made up of 12 chapters where, in each of them, a marketing concept is discussed by putting it to the test in real projects, which have sometimes achieved success and other times failure. One of the chapters shows that the Marquetinian approach can be applied to any field and the author puts it into practice by talking about topics that can generate controversy, such as the topics about the practicing believers of the Catholic Church, the independence process or the future of the Catalan sports teams.

About the author:

Lluís Feliu has a doctorate in marketing and business communication from the Abat Oliba CEU University, a degree in journalism from the Ramon Llull University (Blanquerna Faculty of Communication), an executive master's degree in business communication from EADA Business School and has been trained in strategy, processes and return on digital marketing investment at IESE Business School. In addition, he is a university professor, entrepreneur and founder of the communication and marketing agency edeon.net. As a business communication and marketing consultant, he has helped associations, political parties and small and medium-sized companies throughout the Catalan territory. Lluís is passionate about athletics, communication, content marketing and entrepreneurship, passions he tries to live with intensity.