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The marketing of our lives


We all do marketing and we are often not clear about their importance. A table full of papers, a label with a melted light bulb, an imperfection in a poster, an orthographic mistake, a voicemail that does not sound, a badly advertised advertisement ...   Everything communicates and often it does it in an incoherent manner .

Before thinking about strategies , common sense must be applied , and it is when we are clear that we are dealing with clients just as we would like them to deal with us when it comes time to think about the marketing strategy that will help us achieve goals.

Why are real estate companies still lacking customer listings? Why do not a smart client come up with intelligent questions? Why not take into account data that can help personalize the sale?

A few years ago I bought a property and I was scattered about the treatment it received from many real estate agents and commercial agents. Why did not anyone ask me about my hobbies, because they did not ask me if I like animals, if I have more than one car, if I have thought about having more children?

The data is the treasure of marketing campaigns   but if they are not used, if they are not worked or analyzed they are of no use. When a company wants to make a sale it will go blindly if it does not know how to properly work the data. Have you ever thought how to improve productivity or the effectiveness of a sale? The secret is probably the information, but often the hustle and bustle of selling eclipses strategic planning.

Digital Marketing

If we talk about data and efficient marketing campaigns, we must stop thinking about online marketing. As I said, there are some lines, we all do marketing, it all communicates, but only a few are doing efficient marketing campaigns.

A few years ago, in the heat of economic crisis, companies jumped to the digital world in a massive way. Many obeyed objectives, ignored the thought that the digital environment was cheaper than offline and that from social networks, for example, they would reactivate business activity.

Years later, some have abandoned the digital presence and others have learned that through social networks, direct sales are not made, but they can offer brand recognition, better customer service, market research, loyalty actions ... In short, marketing actions that generate results in the medium and long term.

If a real estate agent has an appointment with a possible client for two days, why not try to investigate a little before receiving it in the office?   An Oxford study concludes that adult users are the ones who neglect the privacy of their profiles   to social networks, and precisely they are the ones that most real estate buy or rent. Why do not we try to extract data from the social networks of our potential customers? We will probably find some information that will help us personalize the sale!

Content Marketing

The content always ends up being the revulsive of any marketing campaign. Without quality content, it is not possible to impact users' brain, nor become a reference, nor improve reputation. Anyone can do marketing actions based on promotions or prices, but alternate these actions with   Value content is a great option to revolutionize your campaigns.

Some say that content marketing is the backbone of digital marketing campaigns but I venture to say that not only are they in digital campaigns, but they are also in offline marketing campaigns. Who would want to be interested in a property if it only shows a competitive price and does not publish the location, the number of rooms, meters ...?

With a strategy of content, companies manage to stand out and make themselves known as they have wanted to plan, and to carry it out successfully, we only need to know what is being said, analyze the audience to whom it is directed and understand the channels where you want to communicate

Return on investment

ROI (return on investment) can be calculated in many different ways but each company or professional should decide which parameters are valid to calculate their particular return. In the digital environment usually quantifiable parameters are marked to be easy to detect as they may be; sales of an online store, visits to the web page, clicks on a banner ... but often the most stringent in the   calculation of ROI   They value digital actions such as featured ads, landing pages ... while underestimating actions on social networks simply because their return is not direct.

Social networks are a perfect communication channel to increase ROI , but it must be clear that the results will not be immediate. To calculate ROI on social networks, I recommend selecting parameters that are not usually taken into account when calculating ROI for a traditional marketing campaign. I mean intangibles like the   Reputation, loyalty and prescription .

If a company makes customer listings and monitors them through the interactions that are generated from newsletters, telephone calls, social networking activity ... it is easy to quantify what was previously intangible. In social networks it is easy to observe which customers we can loyalty, what can they prescribe to us and, in general, how we improve the reputation of the company.

Why after years of buying my home the real estate has not called me to ask if everything goes well?   You need to change the short term chip and think about the long term.   We no longer only have contact with a real estate agent when we buy our first property, if we keep in touch, I can think of second homes, in an office, recommending friends, referring to relatives ... in short, only if we think about Global marketing, but in a strategic way, we will multiply the profitability of our marketing actions.

Article published in the   Consell magazine   of the College of Managers of Associated Farms