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The television content we are consuming the most during the coronavirus health crisis


While the news feeds gain audiences, the sports genre falls and becomes the worst affected in this health crisis by Covid-19.

As you might expect, television is becoming one of the indisputable allies for entertainment and truthful information these days of home confinement.

Total consumption in Catalonia and Spain increased 18% from the previous week and 17% from the same week last year, according to a report by Mindshare . All age groups increase viewing but especially for children aged 10 to 15 who increase their TV consumption to two hours daily.

To this analysis it is necessary to emphasize a fact: the increase of the viewing in the strip of dawn (as of the 2:30 hs.) By 20% with respect to the past week.

Not only do television content make television a constant companion; the other uses of television are also increasing; OTTs, streaming, video playback, game consoles ... by 25% over last week.

As for the strips; the audience grows in all of them, with a greater increase over the weekend due to the exceptional measures taken by the Government.

The information genre is the one that raises its consumption more , rising 61% compared to last week. In Catalonia, for example, the special "The new coronavirus. Wanting to Know" led the audience with impressive numbers of 622,000 viewers (26.7% share) and with them, TV3 became the leading television channel, with 1,193 .000 viewers, who watched the program for at least one minute.

Some of the curious facts that this health crisis leaves us with are the results achieved by religious television content, which has increased by 150% compared to last week in those over 65 years.

Source: Marketing News