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TikTok launches live tutorials for users to learn from home


More and more home confined people and different content creators have come to the opportunity to present their materials by sharing daily tutorials to discover new ways to cook, sing, learn math or study English.

The TikTok short video platform is entering the European market fast and during the confinement days offers many daily tutorials, tagged under the hashtag #EduTok , for a week to explore new disciplines. These tutorials include how to speak English as a professional, how to paint with coffee, tricks for cooking braves or tips for singing, among others.

During these weeks that we have to spend a lot of time at home, the truth is that entertainment options multiply and it is difficult to choose entertainment that is really useful. Thus, until April 4, TikTok will launch a livestream campaign with the platform's top creators and artists, "to strengthen their relationship with the community by sharing their talents and skills with them these days," says company in a statement.

Tiktokers since some of edeon.net we would recommend are @LetsSpeakEnglish , @BravasBarcelona and @ aprende.mates
but we are not just marrying TikTok , and these days we are seeing more and more profiles on social networks offering live shows of all kinds.

Instagram and LinkedIn are not far behind

Confinement is being served by a digital revolution and apart from promoting telecommuting, we are also seeing more and more professionals or particular users of networks becoming direct in explaining things. This is the case we are seeing these days with the IESE Business School LinkedIn Page, which offers one hour training sessions, open to everyone, directly from the LinkedIn page. Live sessions with thousands of users are listening, viewing and interacting live with faculty members who share their knowledge in the business school's themed sessions.

On the other hand, associations and professionals are also using Instagram as a tool for sharing valuable content. This is the case, for example, of the Independent Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia (Aijec) who, through their corporate Instagram , are making direct contacts with some of their associates, who explain first hand tips for dealing with the crisis, or by Alba Comadran , who has created an Instagram profile ; Catalan is cool! , where he directs offering Catalan classes to foreigners.

Confinement is driving digitalization and promoting the evolution of interactive content. According to Dr. Lluís Feliu , director of communication and marketing of our agency, "when it returns to normal we will all have changed, many say that we will make better people and appreciate human relationships more, what I am clear is that we have learned to consume content otherwise, businesses will no longer be afraid to interact more directly with their users. The rise of live social media is good news. "

Source: MarketingNews