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Twitter is the most talked about coronavirus social network


The threat to the health of the world's population from this unknown virus has become the most important topic in all conversations, media and political agendas around the world.

This is not the first time we have faced a health crisis of this magnitude, we have seen it in 2009 with influenza A , but it is the first time we have lived through social networks and digital media as communication channels. . Nowadays the extent of a story cannot be measured without analyzing its impact on the network , which is why Ipsos , through its SIA (Social Intelligence Analytics) solution, has monitored the evolution of the conversations about this disease in the network from its appearance in China until its arrival in Spain.

In the last analysis, an average of one million daily mentions had been recorded between January 15 and February 9, 2020, thereafter a 50% decrease in comments and publications were published. theme until February 22. After the confirmation of cases in Italy and Spain, the networks are again a reflection of concern and there is an upswing in the mentions that reach more than two million on February 26, the first day that more infections were recorded outside China that within the Asian country.

The appearance of the first cases in Catalonia, Spain and Italy had a direct impact on local social networks, exceeding the levels analyzed by SIA in the previous report, when the virus had not yet left China. Catalans and Spaniards have been more active than their Italian neighbors when they dump the concerns and opinions about coronavirus on the Internet, posting more than 80,000 mentions on February 25, coinciding with confirmation of first local contagion in Seville.

What platforms do the inhabitants of Catalonia and Spain choose?

Twitter does not give up and is still the platform where 79% of all the references made on social and digital media are registered , reaching 600,000 mentions in Catalonia and Spain on this subject. Facebook, meanwhile, does not add up to 1% of the conversation , far from relevant when considering or seeking information on this crisis.

The forums , which host 6% of all mentions, also have a clear winner, which is that Forocoches records 90% of the mentions made on these types of platforms . The media are other great content generators, and in this second Ipsos analysis, it looks like economic newspapers, usually far removed from these topics, have begun to add up by generating their own mentions of coronavirus.

From our communications and marketing agency, edeon.net, we are following the evolution of this global health crisis with concern, and have strongly encouraged all colleagues and colleagues to continue to promote teleworking and virtual meetings, which we believe which will minimize the risk of contagion.

Source: MarketingNews