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Twitter will be testing a new snapchat-like feature with tweets disappearing in 24 hours


Twitter will test in Brazil a new functionality that will change the way we communicate through this social network: fleets . These are messages that can only be viewed for 24 hours and do not support "likes", retweets or public replies.

If this feature passes the test and is launched globally, we will be seeing a change in the way we communicate and advertise on this social network, as it could be the beginning of new types of ads such as those already we see inside Instagram or snapchat .

In addition, ephemeral tweets could be a challenge for moderators, as each post's deadline would complicate tracking of hateful, bullying and other offensive content.

Commit to ephemeral content

Sharing ephemeral content is very popular on other social networks such as snapchat and Instagram and it is no surprise that Twitter wants to join this trend. Even LinkedIn , which is a professional social network, is trying out a Stories sharing feature.

According to the company itself in a statement, the initiative comes as an attempt to respond to those users who are not comfortable making tweets, public or permanent, in which the interaction is also public. From edeon marketing we believe that this may be the last attempt by Twitter to regain its influence by capturing a younger audience, which has gradually left the social network to jump to more visual, ephemeral content platforms, such as TikTok. or Instagram .

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