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We created a sports club to do communication and marketing tests


It may seem like an eccentricity or a simple diversification strategy, but a year after its creation, the communication and marketing agency has confessed that the Valldoreix Hockey Club serves them as a test bed for marketing actions that drive strategies of many customers.

In April 2020, representatives of edeon marketing presented, together with the presidents of the Catalan Hockey Federation , the Valldoreix Sports Club , the Valldoreix sports councilor and the territorial manager of SOREA , a leading company in the management of water, the club project, which after a successful season has established itself as one of the grassroots grass hockey clubs, country benchmarks.

"In the midst of the pandemic, we presented a new club, promoted it and started training with a few children. Social media, appearing in the media, advertising, collaborations with other entities, sponsors and especially the attention to detail, they have shown that marketing is key for a project to be born, grow, evolve and consolidate ", explains the founder of the marketing agency Lluís Feliu.

And is that edeon did not have enough to add experiences of its customers and has gone a step further by creating a club tailored to them, to analyze their evolution as they implement marketing actions. "In 2010 we created the edeon agency and I remember that the main fear we had when we were sitting in front of potential clients, was the lack of experience and the fact that we had not executed a strategy similar to the one we were proposing," he recalls. Feliu, after explaining that "that's why we came up with the idea of creating something of our own from scratch, starting with a market study, organizing a good marketing plan and executing thoroughly to be able to correct all the deviations that have With the project already consolidated, we can now apply innovative actions to help us demonstrate results. "

The Valldoreix Hockey Club is a modest grass hockey club for children , with experienced coaches and dream facilities, but in addition, as a whole, it is " a dream that grows " (club slogan) , because it is from this marketing laboratory where edeon performs tests with different objectives, many of them then applicable to the company's own customers.

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