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We deliver the design of a web portal


These months we have told you that we have been working with the partners of Guraify , a newly created company driven by three partners with long trajectories in the consulting sector. We started the project with a name change, we continued with the design of the new brand, with the writing of the contents of the new website and finally, with the delivery of the design of the new website.

The design of this website was important to be accessible as well as attractive. Our team was not going to develop the website, but we had to coordinate with an external team so that the design was consistent with the technological possibilities of the company's content manager.

As you can imagine, the outcome of the project went very well. We got along perfectly with the partners of the consultancy, with their technical team and they allowed us to enjoy doing our work, where different teams of the agency were involved: creativity, writing, audit and strategy.

Now we just have to wish the whole Guraify team good luck, thank them for how they have allowed us to work and recommend their business transformation services betting on digital innovation.