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We include the multinational DSV in our client portfolio


Logistics has always been a fundamental element in the value chain of any business. With the e-commerce revolution, there is no user who has not managed an order thinking about the distribution process of the products they have bought or sold. The production and marketing of any product always requires good logistics planning, and this is where DSV becomes the best partner, for its experience, for its solutions and for the confidence and professionalism that the company exudes and its team of professionals.

Catalonia, due to its strategic location and good connections with the rest of Europe, has become a strategic point that many companies value. We are a perfect enclave for the logistics sector in southern Europe, and DSV realized this many years ago. The logistics sector in Catalonia includes companies that develop very diverse activities; from direct distribution to the design and management of the entire logistics chain. Today, however, we can say that one of the main global exponents, the company that 'connects your business to the world', DSV, has entrusted us with corporate communication for its activities in southern Europe.

Specifically, the service we offer at DSV is Business Communication and PR , developing public relations tasks with specialized and general media, writing press releases, press calls and other articles of interest to the sector and elaboration of detailed clippings where we specify all media appearances, their sentiment, impact and estimated advertising value, among others.

For our communication and press team it is an honor to work alongside the large company in the logistics sector, DSV , and to be able to demonstrate the potential of business communication. As we often say to clients who hire us for corporate communication services; "our work is very simple, if you work well and are active, we only have to know how to explain it to the interested public".