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We present success stories at the public university of Sakarya in Turkey


We went to Turkey to internationalize some successful cases of companies and projects that we have in Sant Cugat and throughout the country. Specifically, during this holy week, our director of communication and marketing, Dr. Lluís Feliu, is giving classes at Sakarya University.

Lluís, who is attending as a guest professor, is teaching business communication and relationship marketing sessions, and aside from the theory of the subject he is dealing with, he is working and explaining different practical cases that have been carried out in recent years in our agency

This is how he took the opportunity to explain how the Club Hoquei Valldoreix project was born and how it is developing in its four years of existence. He is sharing all the details, from idea generation, market research, business plan design and marketing plan, its execution and control. He is also explaining the case of Teca Sàbat catering as a success story of a family business that, by mixing tradition and innovation, has become a benchmark in its sector. Finally, and taking advantage of the sessions on strategic communication, he is exemplifying them with the importance of weaving ties of value, and it is here that he explains the success case of associationism, and like Sant Cugat Empresarial or the Independent Association of Young Entrepreneurs de Catalunya (Aijec) provide significant value to its members, energizing, acting as a spokesperson and enhancing relations between the public and private sectors.

Throughout Holy Week, Dr. Lluís Feliu will attend different classes related to marketing and communication in order to provide a western vision, exemplified by cases from the agency in terms of business strategies. On the other hand, Feliu is also taking the opportunity to learn first-hand how the business practice department of the Turkish university is organized, and how companies in Turkey are working on the concept of marketing ethics and different internationalization strategies of Turkish companies.