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Consumers demand normalcy in business communication


A recent study by the company Havas Media Group endorses what we have been saying in recent weeks from the agency edeon.net : There has been a growing perception that consumers are more receptive to advertising, which is closely related to the high media consumption these weeks .

This moment we are living in is a great opportunity for brands to do a good part of their job: communicating with values. According to the eighth report on the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic conducted by Havas Media Group , it is detected that consumers are beginning to demand from brands an effort to return to normality in communications about products and services. .

On the contrary, during these weeks there has been a drop in the demand for donations and that of generating optimistic and encouraging campaigns. This, at a time when the first steps being taken on an institutional scale to soften confinement, is precisely to show citizens a little more positive and lively messages.

40% of respondents in the study have stated that their assessment of the situation is now "quite or much more positive". Although 48% who “feel the same” and only 13% who “show quite or much more negative.” Concern for the economy remains high, much more so for the global and country, than for Domestic, although declining slightly in the last two weeks, this report notes, health remains the biggest fear, as well as the restriction of activities and travel and the inability to cope with spending. much or enough to lose their jobs 60% of Catalans and Spaniards believe that a "reasonable" normalcy will not return to the country until 5 or more months have passed since the beginning of the pandemic.

A moment for optimism

From the edeon.net agency we know that this is not a sweet time for consumers in general, but it should be a time of opportunity for companies and brands in many sectors, especially those related to the prevention and improvement of health, onlie training, tools and applications that improve the telework experience, telemedicine, healthy eating, sports and online training, logistics and something that all sectors may need, and which fortunately we are promoting much from the agency; quality content.

Although audiences of all media remain high, a small decline is beginning to be observed: television is already below the 8 million daily audience (which is still a million higher than before the confinement). On the other hand, there is a growing perception that we are more receptive to advertising, which is closely related to the high media consumption of these weeks. And this is one of the claims of the study that most argue the good successes we are achieving these months with our clients.

The number of visits to portals, clicks on advertising campaigns, the increase in followers ... continues to grow and we have not yet managed to stabilize them. Never before had we lived in a time where so many digital purchases of products and services were generated, that before many of them were only purchased physically: 65% have bought a product online in the last week and of them, the 60% have started in categories you didn’t buy before.

Once again, the reports of the big multinationals help us to show that marketing strategies will have to follow mixed models, between on and off line, but that now more than ever it is necessary to communicate, gain presence and facilitate the consumers so they can interact with brands. It is time for good business communication and we already have experienced professionals , prepared and eager to collaborate on new projects.

Source: MarketingNews