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Branding for the logistics sector


A technology company in the logistics sector contacted us a few months ago. They wanted a name change and we started a Naming project to find out what nomenclature could properly fit their business interests. After this project we were entrusted with the creation of the corporate brand, and we started a Branding project to be able to convey, effectively, what we believed could be conveyed with the new Naming.

After weeks of hard work where the conceptual, creative and editorial departments have held multiple internal and external meetings and work sessions with the client, we have created the new brand that we hope will accompany professionals in the Guraify company.

The conceptualization service of Namings and creation of Brandings is a service that allows us to "enter the kitchen" of our customers. For us it is an opportunity to meet professionals from different sectors and learn a lot. For those of us who like this profession, that of advising and offering the best communication and marketing solutions, we strive to keep coming in clients who ask us for these services.

Thank you for the trust and for making it so easy for us to manage the projects linked to Guraify's communication. Now we continue working on other phases, the writing of the contents of the web portal and its design.