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The profits of businesses that invest in digital marketing are shot up by 136%


The coronavirus crisis is already hitting many businesses, causing a real business crisis that we don't know how far it will go. However, thanks to digital marketing , these uncertain times can be an opportunity to face the challenges with optimism, making changes and seeking new strategies for achieving goals. Now more than ever you need to have a strategic look at the future. We must not forget that this crisis is seasonal and sooner or later we will get out of it, but for that reason, understanding the patterns of behavior and their implications are key to developing a digital strategy in times of uncertainty.

These days online shopping has increased, users consume more online entertainment, interact more on social media, have more video conferencing and, in short, digitalisation has made a leap in all areas.

From edeon.net we keep a close eye on the daily behavior of users in the online environment, seeing a clear business opportunity instead of a business and economic crisis. Recently, digital marketing agency eStudio34 has set up a Data Studio that updates directly and directly shows the behavior and affect of Covid-19 on the Internet, and one of the conclusions is that Covid-19 has fired by 136% the profits of the businesses that invest in digital marketing .

The sectors that have benefited

There are sectors that are benefiting, the key is how to invest in online strategies and tools. The search data provided by Google , with which Catalonia and Spain are identified, shows that the categories closest to the confinement stage are those that let us know the last hour of virus and, on the other hand, those that make life easier for us in times of confinement:

Media and News (35%); Finance (30%); Meals (22%) and Health (15%).

In contrast, the business sectors with the highest number of losses are: Tourism (47%); Construction (18%); Advertising (17%); Manufacture (16%); Transportation (15%); and Real Estate (15%).

In terms of advertising, they stand out for the benefit and detriment of the sectors themselves, but with a clear bet of the beauty and personal care sector on 41%, while the retail sector, although it was hurt during the start of the health crisis due to economic and labor uncertainty, these days of confinement have caused that it has increased and its searches have tripled.

Success stories

These days we see very sad economic news. But we also have times when there are success stories. From our agency we want to acknowledge with Embotits Obach , an Organyà sausage shop that these days sells and distributes with SEUR , its products all over Catalonia. With a simple ecommerce company in the north of the Principality, you can keep selling and not stop selling. We precisely placed an order, and in addition to receiving the sausage lot within 48 hours, we received an obsession and a personalized letter, written and signed by hand, where we are encouraged to face confinement.

On the other hand, according to Alibaba , the number of grocery orders made by users between the ages of 50 and 60 has been four times greater during this time of crisis, and Miss Fresh , another online retailer in China, said its users over 40 have increased by 237% during the period of confinement by Covid-19.

With these figures we can look no further than digital marketing strategies. For both developing and developing e-commerce markets, the scenarios created by the Covid-19 spread are important indicators of what this can mean for the business.

In Catalonia and Spain, if we compare the week of February 24, 2019 with the same during 2020, there is an increase of 60% for the sale of consumables online, and in France and Italy it is already more than 80%.

There are business opportunities in this new ecosystem that we are living in. You just need to rethink and look for strategies that will accelerate the business economy.

Source: ExtraDigital