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Naming: project for a company in the logistics sector


We recently delivered the new Naming for a company in the logistics sector that operates in the Catalan, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese markets. The company has a clear vocation for service and digital solutions are among its strengths. After weeks of work with internal meetings with company partners and agency colleagues, we have selected a Naming that defines their goals and the services they offer.

To develop this project, from edeon, we have worked with a team made up of three people. The three professionals specializing in branding have developed names and have been arguing them with the client. After three sessions of working with the client, and filtering nomenclatures, we have chosen a couple of Namings as finalists, and after a survey of an objective sample of one hundred people, the final Naming has been selected.

To make this selection, where more than thirty names had been submitted, the uniqueness of the name, the ease of pronunciation and retention, digital survival and the possible free domains for the new web that are being taken into account 'he is working.

Once the Naming project has been closed, the Branding project begins, where the logo and the entire corporate image of the company will be created. Finally, the applications will be prepared, highlighting those for social networks, web and presentation files.