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Sent from my iPhone


Sent from my iPhone - Sent from my iPhone - Sent from my iPhone

How many times have you seen this phrase in the emails you receive? And if you have one, how many times have you sent it from your iPhone? If you have not deleted the phrase expressly, certainly more than you can remember. However, many people either don’t know how to delete it, or don’t care, or it’s okay for the phrase to appear each and every time an email is sent from Apple’s luxury phone.

A phrase behind which we find a brilliant marketing strategy for the Cupertino company. Mainly for two reasons.

The first, in line with Apple's strategy of doing little advertising and letting the media themselves advertise their products (but in the spaces for information) and is that they are the customers of the company. 'iPhone ones that advertise the phone every time they send an email. What this trick is doing, which has cost Apple absolutely nothing, is to remind all recipients who receive it that "listen, this friend or contact of yours has an iPhone." Millions of advertising impacts, every day and without spending a penny. It is estimated that to date, more than 2 billion iPhones have been sold worldwide, so although only a portion of users have kept the phrase, the impact is staggering.

The second reason is that the phrase is written in the language the user has chosen by default for their phone. What does this mean? On the one hand, no matter how short, someone has taken the trouble to translate the sentence. On the other hand, that Apple adapts to user preferences, which creates closeness and complicity with its customers ... and in the long run, more customers, more sales and more revenue. With a small gesture, all happy.

This is precisely what we want to generate in edeon with the service led by Tomás Crespo , journalist and head of all translation projects . With our personalized service for the needs of each of our clients, in addition to creating the contents of your website or blog, we can also translate them into the language you want. Or even further, we can locate them, changing examples and references of the texts, to adapt them to their local market. And in the long run, of course, generate more customers, more sales and more revenue for your company.

If you want to build trust, if you want to customize, if you want to locate ... we are here 24/7 to help them.

Author: Tomás Crespo