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Telegram, Signal or WhatsApp? We are clear!


It seems that Telegram has been the big beneficiary of the latest WhatsApp crisis and has reached 25 million users in just 3 days. WhatsApp continues to lose users after the change in its privacy conditions and Telegram has taken advantage of this.

Last week WhatsApp showed a warning for all users of the app, also in Catalonia and Spain, reporting a change in their privacy conditions. For those users outside of Europe, it means that the messaging application will share more data with other companies in the Facebook group, which has caused great controversy and because of this, many users have decided to go to other apps like Signal or Telegram.

Telegram has become the big beneficiary of the WhatsApp exodus. Thanks to the huge growth in the number of users in a few hours, the messaging application managed to reach 500 million users worldwide. After seven years and taking advantage of the latest WhatsApp crisis, Telegram has reached 500 million users and is sending messages to its users celebrating it. It should be remembered that last April, the app had 400 million.

The controversy caused by WhatsApp with its change in privacy conditions is costing them the loss of millions of users outside Europe. These users are looking for other messaging apps, and Telegram and Signal are a good alternative.

It is a key moment for Telegram, which is once again benefiting from WhatsApp issues. WhatsApp had to step out of the controversy by explaining in more detail what its change of privacy entails, in an attempt to stop this massive outflow of users, but it remains to be seen if it works as expected.

Aedon optics

From our agency we want to make two things very clear. The change of WhatsApp privacy is good news for all advertisers who currently invest advertising in Facebook Ads, soon, from the same platform we can advertise on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, a perfect solution for millions of businesses. From our point of view, this latest WhatsApp crisis is just one example of poor communication management. We believe that users have misinterpreted the privacy changes and that WhatsApp should have explained, in detail, that advertisers will win with the change, but consumers too, because they will receive targeted and well-geolocated advertising.

From edon we will keep a close eye on the evolution of WhatsApp Business because we have long been waiting to make ads from Facebook Ads, an advertising treasure available to everyone.