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WhatsApp will allow you to buy directly from the app


The APP has announced that soon companies with a presence in WhatsApp Business will be able to display their catalog of products or services and sell from the chat itself.

WhatsApp is a messaging app that is strategically already expanding its features beyond personal messaging between users. Over the last few years and through WhatsApp Business from Facebook they have been looking for ways to connect businesses with customers. The great pending subject of WhatsApp Business is monetization, something that can now be done quickly and securely.

At a time when online shopping is increasing, WhatsApp Business takes a leap forward and decides to implement stores and direct purchases from the app itself. Specifically, and according to what WhatsApp has said, they have explained new features that will allow users to buy products from message chats. The new functions will come more in the part of the companies that in the one of the consumers, since these will be able to send him to the user the catalog of products that have for sale and directly from here the user add to the basket and pay what you want to buy.

We will soon be able to "go shopping" for WhatsApp

In order to differentiate itself from other online stores that already exist, WhatsApp will seek to use chat as a means of communication between buyer and seller. That is, they are not looking for everything to be automated but to be able to talk to each other directly. In addition, facilities are offered to view the product catalog, choose the desired one and pay for it. Another interesting feature that WhatsApp will offer will be the option to view the status of the order. All this will be done on the part of the seller through the WhatsApp Business app, which is specially designed to manage customer service and offers related aspects such as the sale of products.

Facebook has a treasure, its database

In this leap of WhatsAppBusiness to compete against other ecommerce, the Facebook business comes into play. According to WhatsApp sources, businesses with a presence in the app will have some of the services offered by Facebook Ads.

The new features of WhatsApp Business are not yet implemented but Facebook has already shown the purchase catalogs on WhatsApp thus showing its intention to expand the purchasing functions. In fact, a few months ago Facebook launched Facebook Shops, which allows companies to create such product catalogs and then sell from Facebook and Instagram.

Given the evolution of the new features that Facebook has implemented in its star social networks, Facebook and Instagram, it makes a lot of sense to think that the company also wants to integrate similar functions to WhatsApp.

It is likely that a company-owned payment method will be used to purchase and sell these products. WhatsApp has already integrated transactions in some countries like Brazil, although perhaps what we finally see here in Catalonia is Facebook Pay, with the idea of ​​unifying everything. For now we will have to wait because WhatsApp has not given implementation dates or the name of the countries where it will be available in the first instance.

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Source: Xataka